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Cathy FisherWWW: Cathy, can you tell us a little about what brought you into the field of Health and Wellness?

CHF: I struggled with anorexia in my 20’s – I was starving my body in order to achieve a certain look. I went through 6 months of outpatient therapy that included learning about nutrition and how to eat properly. I also started using weight lifting to achieve my fitness goals without starving myself in the process. It was life changing!

WWW: Is that when you got into training others?

CHF: I continued working out with weights and eventually challenged myself by competing in a few body building contests. I started getting client referrals from the local health club and gym I was working and training at. (I was living in New Mexico at the time.) I discovered that I have a passion for helping people feel better about themselves.

WWW: In addition to your passion, what other qualifications do you have?

 CHF: I have over 32 years of experience working in the health industry. I am certified through both the International Sports Sciences Association and IDEA Health and Fitness Association. I also offer Health and Wellness supplements to help support my clients’ journey.

WWW: What’s the most important thing you want people to know about you?

CHF: My goal for clients has always been to create a safe place for them to let go and focus on feeling better mentally and physically. I work with people of all ages and fitness levels. We concentrate on who they are, what their goals are and how best to achieve those goals.

WWW: You’re in great shape, Cathy – what’s YOUR fitness routine?

CHF: I do a lot of core strengthening. We lose an average of 2 to 5 pounds of muscle a year as we age, so my goals now are to maintains strength and bone density. It’s especially challenging now that I’m post menopausal. My goal in life for me – and others – is to be 90 years old and getting around without a walker or assistance. (oh, and keeping that bootay up high!)

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