SIHR Installation Party

Many thanks to Suzanne VanOrman for hosting our Installation Party this year! We enjoyed 4 different & delicious salads (thanks to the members who made these!) in a fabulous setting made even more wonderful by the absolutely PERFECT weather that evening.

Our grateful thanks to our new Board members – we appreciate your willingness to serve and the enthusiasm you bring to the job. (Left to Right in photo: Lisa Hargrave, President; Faith Keolker, Secretary; Kate Dougherty, Vice President; Jennifer Hanlon-Wilde, Director; June Knudson, Director – not shown: Judith Poage, Treasurer)

We were all thrilled to see outgoing SIHR President, Michele Sliwa, at the Installation Party and thoroughly enjoyed her surprised reaction when her name was announced as our Soroptimist of the Year! Congratulations, Michele – your club is happy to honor you for the contributions you have made to SIHR’s success!

Barbara Young gave a short presentation on “How We Have Made a Difference.”  It was inspiring, uplifting and motivating! Here are just a few of the ways SIHR has made a difference over the years:

Lunafest, the annual fund-raising film festival SIHR sponsors, has netted over $11,000 from 2006 – 2010. $1,400 has been given to the Breast Cancer Fund with the rest funding SIHR’s programs for women and girls.

We have donated $10,640 in cash and gifts to New Parent Services for their Baby Closet, as well as sponsoring the actual closet when NPS moved into new quarters.

From 2004 through 2011, SIHR has given 28 women a total of $21,000 to help them return to school and better their families’ lives through our Women’s Opportunity Awards. We raised $20,000 of those funds through our Winter Gala event during that same period.

From 2002 through 2020, we (meaning Mooreen and Carolyn!) sold over $20,000 worth of See’s Candy. Those efforts netted us a profit of $5,500 that went to our various projects in support of women and girls in our community.

Soroptimist members have volunteered as drivers for Meals on Wheels every Monday for over 10 years! (If you’d like to help, contact Carolyn or Mooreen.)

We donate $1,000 a year to Helping Hands Against Violence, our local domestic violence and sexual assault relief and prevention program. We have individually donated about $250 in gift cards every year. SIHR has sponsored one of the family bedrooms in the newly constructed shelter for about $4,000.

SIHR members have beautified and maintained the Panorama Point Flower Garden for decades. In the 1950’s our club was the force behind creating Panorama Point as a viewpoint for locals and tourists alike.

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