Calendar Sales Events

Mark your calendars! You DO have a groovy, new ‘Calendar Girls’ calendar, don’t you? You don’t?! Then get yourself to one of these upcoming calendar sales events! You might even get to meet a Calendar Girl AND have her sign her page in your calendar!

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Calendar Fundraiser

We made the paper!  Proceeds from the sale of the calendars goes to SIHR’s Live Your Dream awards. (Proceeds from the performances of ‘Calendar Girls’ in March will benefit both LYD and our local women’s shelter, Helping Hands Against Violence.)

Calendars (only $20) are available at Sophie’s Enchanted Alpaca and Salon Visio in Hood River, Mugs Coffee in Bingen, and from individual SIHR members. Buy one (or two, or ten!) and help Soroptimists help women in our community!


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Program Meeting: Empowered Women


¬†Greetings, Tribe! This Wednesday is a Program Meeting and we have someone amazing coming to share with us! Sarah Wood created and runs Empowered Women (for Personal Health, Body Love and Nourishment), an online forum on Facebook. Sarah is a certified health coach and through Empowered Women, offers a free personalized assessment of your relationship to food and how it may be affecting your personal health goals. She has gathered a wonderful, supportive group of women to her forum and is looking to share it with us! See you this Wednesday, November 16th, noon to 1pm at the Hood River Valley Adult Center…(for more info on Sarah and the Empowered Women page, visit: )

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