October is Gorge Happiness Month!

Happiness is good for your health. A review of hundreds of studies has found compelling evidence that happier people have better overall health and live longer than their less happy peers. Interestingly, 50% of our happiness is genetic, 10% is environmental, but the rest is in our control. Why? Because 40% of our happiness can be helped through habits.
Gorge Happiness Month is 31 days of fun and free activities in October based on the science of happiness. It’s hosted by One Community Health who are celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year. They’ve asked local businesses and organizations throughout the Gorge to help spread the word, host classes, randomly give away things and generally make October happy.
David Edwards, the CEO of One Community Health, and/or Emily Reed, partner at the Open Intelligence Agency, will fill us in on the details of Gorge Happiness Month and how we can participate at our upcoming September program meeting this coming Wednesday, September 21st, noon-10pm at the Hood River Valley Adult Center.
In the meantime, you can find out more at www.gorgehappiness.org
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