Recent Program Meetings

Our club Vice President, Mary Lively, has given us some WONDERFUL speakers as of late! A few weeks ago, we were entertained and enlightened by Cindy Morus, professional Online Business Manager. In addition to working with businesses to help them uncover overlooked opportunities that will help increase their bottom line, she also spoke about using the same principles and techniques to enable us, as Soroptimists, to reach out to even more, to affect even more of the community with our volunteer and charitable work. We all went away with her mantra, “How am I going to serve more people?” singing in our ears. To learn more about Cindy and how she can help your business, check out her website at

One of our latest speakers was Janet Stauffer, who is running for District 7 Circuit Court Judge (Position 2). Ms. Stauffer spoke about her 23 years of experience working within the Oregon Circuit Courts and emphasized her focus on improving the accessiblity of our legal system to ALL members of our community, including those for whom English is a second language, and her continued involvement with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) and Juvenile Court. If elected, Janet Stauffer will be the FIRST female Circuit Judge in this District and will bring her thoughtful, respectful and efficient skill sets to the job. Learn more about Janet Stauffer and her campaign at

Most recently, May Street Elementary School teacher and Child Development Specialist, Susan Jepson-DeResta, LCSW warmed our hearts (and lit a few fires!) by reading aloud letters written by her students who have participated in her innovative “Gutsy Girls” after school program. Unfortunately, the program has been cut for the current school year due to loss of funding that provided a bus ride home for the participating girls. With permission, we have reprinted a couple of the letters here: (spelling and grammar reproduced!)

“I was in Gutsy Girls last year and I loved it. I had alot of fun, and I learnd alot about how to just say no to bullies. But when I heard Gutsy Girls was close to not happening this year, I was pretty upset. Gutsy Girls means alot to me, and I would be heart-broken if girls in the future could not enjoy this awesome club. I know for sure that I need Gutsy Girls. Love, Casey”

“Dear Soroptimist Club, Gutsy Girls helps girls in 4th and 5th grade to relize that they are beautiful inside and out. Ms. Sue does a great job running it and we all want to keep doing it. Gutsy Girls helps build trust, courage, responsibility, and being able to be yourself around all people. We need money for us to keep doing this program. I hope you will be able to help us because Gutsy Girls is a big part of our life. Sincerely, Morgan”

The room was abuzz after Susan’s presentation and within the next 24 hours, over $700 in donations (enough to fund the school bus rides and reinstate the program!) were collected by Soroptimists – AMAZING things can happen when women get together!!! If you would like to help support Gutsy Girls, please contact Ms. Jepson-DeResta at

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