Wine, Women & Wow! 2014 in just 24 hours!


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Wine, Women & Wow! 2014 presents SPOTLIGHT ON VENDORS

RobinAllen -webWWW: Robin, many of us know you for your retail business, That’s Swank, specializing in beautiful vintage clothing – but you do so much more than that!

RA: I also work with The Gorge Magazine as their Fashion Editor. But what I’ve been really enjoying lately is acting as a professional Wardrobe Stylist and Personal Shopper! I love advising and guiding people to develop their own ultimate style, helping them create a perfectly focused wardrobe.

WWW: You are the best promo for your styling services – you always look fabulous, so put together!

RA: It’s not about designer labels, WHO’s clothes you’re wearing – it’s HOW you’re wearing it that makes you feel & look like a million bucks. This works even if it is just the outfit you are wearing to take the kids to practice, going grocery shopping or even gardening in! What you wear affects every aspect of your life – I show my clients how easily looking chic can be acheived!

WWW: In addition to individual consultations, you’re also offering a class soon?

RA: Yes, I’m calling it the “Cheap to Chic Wardrobe Styling Workshop.” It will be held at the Columbia Center for the Arts on Sunday, September 28th, from 3pm to 6pm. Attendees will receive tips, tricks and secrets to getting the wardrobe they want on the budget they have. They’ll learn how to stay organized, how to keep from being overwhelmed and how to face your closet head on with complete confidence & excitement!

WWW: How would you best sum up your approach to fashion?

RA: I’ve always loved this quote from Coco Chanel: “A girl should be two things: Classy & Fabulous.”

Tickets for Robin’s workshop are available through or at the CCA Art Gallery in Hood River. To learn more about Robin and her styling services, check out her website.

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Wine, Women & Wow! 2014 presents SPOTLIGHT ON VENDORS

SallyLove spotlightWWW: Sally, your accent tells me you’re not native to Hood River – where are you from and what brought you here?

SL: I‘m British and very new to this magnificent valley, only moved here a year ago.  My journey to Hood River was beautiful serendipity.  For many years I intuitively felt that Italy would play an important role in my life at some point. Then one day, soon after graduating from nutrition college, I flicked on a light switch and made the decision in that split second to move to Italy!  Three months later, I took a leap of faith and moved to Florence.  I left behind a successful well-being practice in London and regular appearances on a TV show to move to somewhere I had never been before.  I had moved out of my comfort zone and stepped into what I hoped would be an exciting new beginning.  It was.  This stunningly beautiful city was my home for 2 years.  I loved every second of it and thought I was going to remain in Italy for the rest of my life – but fate took me down another new path.  A lovely American man was on holiday in Florence.  We met, fell in love, got married.  We bought a beautiful home that sits half-way up a mountain, nestled among 25 acres of breathtaking landscape.  

WWW: London to Florence to Hood River, wow! Have you always worked as a health professional?

SL: Throughout my early life I have been very drawn to the healing and caring professions.  I worked as a theatre nurse, an au-pair, a medical secretary and I enjoyed many successful years working in diabetes health care for a global medical device company.  Since then I have studied healing, meditation, life & wellness coaching and of course natural nutrition (to name a few!) Another dream of mine is now coming to fruition as I and my husband grow our own organic produce and I prepare to open my CrapFREE retreat space.

WWW: I’m loving the name! What do you mean by “CrapFREE”?

SL: CrapFREE is a synergy of nearly 30 years of work, travel and study. Living CrapFREE means a life free from the crappy things that destroy our health, vitality and happiness.  Whether that is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – I love supporting people to make significant changes in their lives. CrapFREE is more than a business – it is my philosophy on life.  It is how I live.  I am passionate about sharing my knowledge, to help people live CrapFREE.

Learn more about Sally Love and the CrapFREE lifestyle by visiting her website, checking out her Facebook page, and watching her YOUtube channel!

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