Wine, Women & Wow! 2014 presents SPOTLIGHT ON VENDORS

SallyLove spotlightWWW: Sally, your accent tells me you’re not native to Hood River – where are you from and what brought you here?

SL: I‘m British and very new to this magnificent valley, only moved here a year ago.  My journey to Hood River was beautiful serendipity.  For many years I intuitively felt that Italy would play an important role in my life at some point. Then one day, soon after graduating from nutrition college, I flicked on a light switch and made the decision in that split second to move to Italy!  Three months later, I took a leap of faith and moved to Florence.  I left behind a successful well-being practice in London and regular appearances on a TV show to move to somewhere I had never been before.  I had moved out of my comfort zone and stepped into what I hoped would be an exciting new beginning.  It was.  This stunningly beautiful city was my home for 2 years.  I loved every second of it and thought I was going to remain in Italy for the rest of my life – but fate took me down another new path.  A lovely American man was on holiday in Florence.  We met, fell in love, got married.  We bought a beautiful home that sits half-way up a mountain, nestled among 25 acres of breathtaking landscape.  

WWW: London to Florence to Hood River, wow! Have you always worked as a health professional?

SL: Throughout my early life I have been very drawn to the healing and caring professions.  I worked as a theatre nurse, an au-pair, a medical secretary and I enjoyed many successful years working in diabetes health care for a global medical device company.  Since then I have studied healing, meditation, life & wellness coaching and of course natural nutrition (to name a few!) Another dream of mine is now coming to fruition as I and my husband grow our own organic produce and I prepare to open my CrapFREE retreat space.

WWW: I’m loving the name! What do you mean by “CrapFREE”?

SL: CrapFREE is a synergy of nearly 30 years of work, travel and study. Living CrapFREE means a life free from the crappy things that destroy our health, vitality and happiness.  Whether that is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – I love supporting people to make significant changes in their lives. CrapFREE is more than a business – it is my philosophy on life.  It is how I live.  I am passionate about sharing my knowledge, to help people live CrapFREE.

Learn more about Sally Love and the CrapFREE lifestyle by visiting her website, checking out her Facebook page, and watching her YOUtube channel!

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Wine, Women & Wow! presents SPOTLIGHT ON VENDORS


 WWW: Linda, the Gorge knows you primarily as an amazing glass artist, but lately you’ve been creating and selling beautiful photographs of birds and other wildlife. What’s behind your recent interest in photography?

LS: As an artist, I’ve played with glass and fire, fiber and beads, jewelry, pastels, watercolor and oil. I’ve taken pictures since my tenth birthday when I received a Kodak Instamatic camera.  I seem to have come full circle with photography now taking a front seat in my life. My love for nature is driving my current passion for photographing birds and animals in their environment.

WWW: Your images are clearly inspired by the world around you – do you have a favorite subject?

LS: I am especially captivated and challenged with trying to capture birds in flight.  This past January I photographed Bald Eagles at Lyle Point – it was a frosty 10 degrees out, but I got great images! I was in the right place at the right time this Spring at the Tualatin Hills Nature Park; I watched a family of Pileated Woodpeckers as the youngest chick fledged.  I also enjoyed documented a family of Osprey in the Bingen Marina from tiny chicks to fledge from Spring thru Summer. I have recently been photographing birds and wildlife for the Conboy National Wildlife Refuge. 

WWW: Where can we see your images?

LS: I post my bird images as well as butterflies, bees and other critters on my blog and Facebook page. I publish my images as all occasion greeting cards and as prints on metal, canvas and paper. You can make a purchase online from my website; the greeting cards are also available from Hood River Stationers. I am participating in several upcoming art festivals (White Salmon Fall Art Tour) and gallery shows (‘Snow’ at Columbia Arts) where you can also see my work.

WWW: What are you working on at present?

LS: I’m co-curating a show for Columbia Arts, ‘Fine Feathered Friends’ which will debut in March 2015.

See more of Linda’s artwork online at Zibbet, Artfire, and Fine Art America.

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Wine, Women & Wow! presents SPOTLIGHT ON VENDORS

Cathy FisherWWW: Cathy, can you tell us a little about what brought you into the field of Health and Wellness?

CHF: I struggled with anorexia in my 20’s – I was starving my body in order to achieve a certain look. I went through 6 months of outpatient therapy that included learning about nutrition and how to eat properly. I also started using weight lifting to achieve my fitness goals without starving myself in the process. It was life changing!

WWW: Is that when you got into training others?

CHF: I continued working out with weights and eventually challenged myself by competing in a few body building contests. I started getting client referrals from the local health club and gym I was working and training at. (I was living in New Mexico at the time.) I discovered that I have a passion for helping people feel better about themselves.

WWW: In addition to your passion, what other qualifications do you have?

 CHF: I have over 32 years of experience working in the health industry. I am certified through both the International Sports Sciences Association and IDEA Health and Fitness Association. I also offer Health and Wellness supplements to help support my clients’ journey.

WWW: What’s the most important thing you want people to know about you?

CHF: My goal for clients has always been to create a safe place for them to let go and focus on feeling better mentally and physically. I work with people of all ages and fitness levels. We concentrate on who they are, what their goals are and how best to achieve those goals.

WWW: You’re in great shape, Cathy – what’s YOUR fitness routine?

CHF: I do a lot of core strengthening. We lose an average of 2 to 5 pounds of muscle a year as we age, so my goals now are to maintains strength and bone density. It’s especially challenging now that I’m post menopausal. My goal in life for me – and others – is to be 90 years old and getting around without a walker or assistance. (oh, and keeping that bootay up high!)

 Learn more about Cathy’s business, Get Fit Stay Fit, on Facebook at

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